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About us

The Place to Stake.

Tch_ from 1LOVE is a dedicated member of the community who joined the Cardano Foundation Ambassador Program as a moderator for the Official social media channels of Cardano on Telegram and Reddit. If you have questions feel free to contact him on those platforms @glitch04

Privacy is important to us as it
is to you. You may not see us out in front visibly in public like YouTube or podcasts as we value the security for the delegates, the pool, and us. Rest assured we are here maintain the pool 24/7 for you to earn the most rewards possible. That being said don't hesitate to contact us via twitter @lovelacepool1 or via email direct if you have questions or concerns.

We plan on sticking around long-term as such we have paid all required services in advance for our vast server infrastructure and will always maintain a competitive margin fee in line with market conditions. As such we will always earn high return for you the delegates of

Why 1LOVE?

  • We Stand behind our pool with a pledge of 699K ADA!

  • Pool fee is minimal the 340 ada fixed set by the network and lowest allowed, this allows us to recover some of the cost associated with hosting enterprise grade servers we require running the pool to keep peak performance.

  • 2% maintenance fee: There is a 2% fee that covers cost of my time to keep the pool running properly.
    The Margin fee is 1% until the pool reaches a sustainable level of delegation (will be adjusted when required)

  • Our pool is hosted running the latest server grade os and hardware well above the recommended specs to ensure the most up time possible!

  • We manage several relays in addition to the core, located around the globe to remove central failure points.

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Main net ticker: 1LOVE
Pool ID: 4aea697c45e39e37e5d842ec8cf6c01a714e88db33a1ba0565ab59af
ITN Ticker = L 0 V E ( L Zero V E )

* Epochs take 5 full days on main net and staking rewards start to appear after 3 full Epoch periods. After your first delegation of stake rewards show up after 15-20 days from first epoch boundary. Rewards then will continue offset 1 full calculating epoch so long as the pool is creates a block in each epoch.

1LOVE is a stake pool where diversity of ADA fans and supporters come together to share their passions and express their ideas with a group of like-minded people. We want you to feel comfortable and be yourself in an open and inclusive environment. Join us today and become part of our amazing community.
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