Bitrue has selected 1LOVE for their first community stake pool delegation!

Bitrue is a long term supporter of the Cardano ecosystem, first listing ada cryptocurrency on the exchange in early 2019 and introducing ada as one of the first investable assets available on Bitrue's Power Piggy investment service.

As part of the continued support for Cardano they are happy to announce today that they will be supporting a community staking pool run by us with an initial stake of 1,000,000 ada!

While other exchanges have already set up and funded their own private pools, Bitrue has decided to forge their own path and become the first exchange in the world that chooses to contribute directly towards community pools and the core of the network instead. The reason for this is simple - Bitrue believes that thorough decentralization of the network helps strengthen the Cardano network, and they wish to do everything possible to support this ideal. It’s also important for Bitrue to encourage and build great things with grassroots community members who make up the lifeblood of our industry. Bitrue hopes that more exchanges in the future will follow this same path to help further decentralize and strengthen the Cardano network.

We take this opportunity as a great honor and a privilege to be working with
Bitrue on this project, and will do everything possible to ensure this joint venture is successful so it leads to more investment and trust from other exchanges, to grow and support the hard working community operators and business owners of the Cardano network.

Thank you for the continued support of


Cardano ADA Stake Pool

Pool id: 4aea697c45e39e37e5d842ec8cf6c01a714e88db33a1ba0565ab59af

Stake now! Ticker: 1LOVE

1LOVE is a stake pool where diversity of ADA supporters come together to share their passions and express their ideas with a group of like-minded people. We want you to feel comfortable and be yourself in an open and inclusive environment. Join us today and become part of our amazing community.

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Download the latest version of the Daedelus or Yoroi wallet to delegate your ADA with 1love now!

Have questions? Join our telegram channel!