Cardano Staking Pool

Lovelacepool is a stake pool where diversity of ADA fans and supporters come together to share their passions and express their ideas with a group of like-minded people. We want you to feel comfortable enough to be yourself in an open and inclusive environment. Join us today and become part of our amazing community.

Download the latest version of the Daedelus wallet to participate.

Once you've entered your secret words to claim your wallet on main net, go to the new delegation window and search for our ticker: 1LOVE


Pool Address


A Bit About Us

The Place to Stake


  • We Stand behind our pool, our money is pledged here just like yours should be!

  • Pool fee is minimal at 340 ada fixed to recover some of the cost associated with servers running the pool.

  • 2% maintenance fee: There is a 2% fee that covers cost of my time to keep the pool running properly.

  • Pool is hosted running Ubuntu 20.04 with well above the recommended specs to insure the most up time possible!

  • We maintain several relays in addition to the core, located around the globe to reduce risk of a central failure point.

Don't wait, Stake with us today!
Main net ticker 1LOVE
ITN Ticker = L 0 V E ( L Zero V E )

Epochs take 5 full days on main net and staking rewards start to appear after 2 full Epoch periods.